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Green polenta

Linda wrote (in part)
> I recently made polenta from scratch for the first time.  I used fine 
> yellow corn meal, salt and water.  I had no problems with it lumping up, 
> but when it was finished cooking it had all turned GREEN!!  I cooked it 
> in an aluminum pot and stirred it constantly with a metal wisk, so I 
> thought it might have been some strange reaction with the metal.  

As polenta (in south Africa we call it putu or sadza or mealie meal) 
is a staple diet food, I can tell you that some metal utensils can make it go 
green, although usually immediately around the (in this case) whisk.  
That's why we use great big wooden spoons to stir the stuff with.

I have once had totally green putu and I had to tell my children it was 
"Martian Mishmash". they looked very dubious but after the first 
mouthful, loved it.  I mixed in chopped mushrooms, onions, green 
peppers and garlic. 
Frances Watts
for CompuQuest & Net!Heads
UUNet Internet Africa - Stanger franchise