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Portobello "Steak" sandwiches

I made the most excellent sandwiches on the grill last night.  I took 2
medium sized portobello mushroom caps and marinated them in some red
wine, minced garlic, rice wine vinegar, and vegetarian worchestershire
for about 1/2 hour with 2 very thick slices of onion.  Then, I placed
them on the grill - mushrooms bottom side up (I put the onion slices on
a piece of foil) and poured the marinade over the onions and the
mushrooms and cooked for about 15 minutes, turning the mushrooms about
1/2 way through so they wouldn't burn.  Then, I put them on a big wheat
hoagie-style roll with some steak sauce.  Talk about yummy!  I served it
with some veggie baked beans and some shredded cabbage that i steamed
with some cider vinegar, onion powder and caraway seeds.  It was really
yummy.  If anyone tries it, let me know what you think.