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Re: cinnamon

JRomjrom@xxxxxxx writes:
> In a message dated 97-06-07 12:02:40 EDT, you write:
> << Ground cinnamon,
>  too, is stronger (just makes a LOT of noise in the grinder! :)
>   >>
> do you grind the bark or are there some  kind of cinnamon seeds to
> grind??

I just grind the straight bark (after breaking it up somewhat, of course). 
I also have a container of Cassia buds (flower buds from the cassia plant,
which is apparently the one that cinnamon comes from; the buds look like
little cloves) that have a good strong cinnamon flavor, but I've never
tried grinding them... 

There are lots of other spices that benefit from the use of a grinder; my
husband's eyeing the thing for all the little dried hot peppers we have
lying around the house (I told him OK, as long as he takes the thing
outside to do it -- I don't want to have to breathe habanero dust for the
rest of the day! 8-)


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