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unusual vegie lasagna

        for the first time in ten years I had a delicious 
vegetarian meal at a Cavalry ball.  All thanks to the Captain's
wife who speaks excellent German and is a vegetarian.
I have attempted to recreate it and my family has been very 
happy with the results.  It has a  very hearty full flavor. Definitely a 
comfort food.

Vegie Lasagna

 1 1/2 cups lentils
bay leaf 
boullioun (your favorite, I admit I used beef)
sliced mushrooms
your favorite stew vegetables, I always include carrots and potato

cook this in a dutch oven with a little water until it is thick and

cook your lasagna noodles
layer the stew mix with the lasagna noodles and mozzarella cheese (lowfat,
whatever you can find) and bake just like any lasagna dish
top it with sliced and diced stewed tomatoes.

For those who used to make a beef stew, I used exactly the same spices, and
as I did to make beef stew.  Hope this helps, Cyndi.