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travel rec to Whitefish, Mo

I come back from vacation and find out that fatfree is back,
what a pleasant suprise!

Another pleasant surprise in Whitefish, Montana... I was amazed to 
find a restaurant serving VLF breakfast and lunch.  Not everything 
is vegetarian (the great fatfree kielbasa is made from turkey, alas), 
and perhaps heavy on egg whites for some, but they are very helpful 
and friendly so you can ask detailed questions.   They also have
a NON Lowfat section of the menu, which worked out great eating out
with my husband.  We both liked it enough to eat there several
times during our vacation.  The Ginger and Molasses pancakes
were especially excellent, and the salad bar was small but very
nice.  Servings are very generous, and prices reasonable IMHO.

The Whitefish Grille and the Heart Smart Cafe
235 Central Avenue (near Third)
Whitefish, Mo 

BTW there is also a decent HFS right around the corner (I think 
called Third St Market).  Overall an unexpectedly good place to
vacation for VLF'ers, I only slipped a few times. Email if you 
want more detailed tips.  

Aiko Pinkoski