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Better than Bouillon

A few days ago Ana T. asked:

What is "Better Than Bouillon" and where can I get some?

I've been waiting for someone to answer so that I could learn more, but
since I was the poster who used this ingredient I'll try to answer and
then, hopefully, someone will later give a better one.

I think that Better than Bouillon is a flavor enhancer that can be used
instead of broth or bouillon cubes.  I heard about it on this list and then
for a long time searched the shelves of every grocery store both at home
and on trips in an attempt to find some.  I finally found a jar of it in a
grocery store in Naples, Florida.  It comes in several varieties (chicken,
beef, vegetable, and chili base).  I bought the chili base and can't
remember if this store had the others.

The chili base version, which comes in an 8 ounce jar that you refrigerate
after opening, says "made from select roasted red chili peppers and
spices."  It is very spicy so it can really jazz up your soup and it
changes the color, making it redder.  It is perfect for the type of food my
husband likes.

Nutritional Facts:  serving size = 2 tsp, servings = 25, calories per
serving = 5, Total fat = 0, sodium = 500mg, carb = 1g, protein = 1g.  500
mg of sodium is a lot.

The ingredients list on the jar says:  chili peppers, salt, dried onion and
garlic, yeast extract, spices, beef extract, citric acid, oleeoresin
paprika.  Oops, "beef extract," didn't notice that before.  Hmmmmm, I guess
that this product is not appropriate for this list.  Sorry, folks.

Can someone tell us what the vegetable version is like?