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Easy Kid tested recipies...

     I need some new ideas for feeding my kids healthy ff food
     in a hurry...I get home after work and they are hungry and
     they are totally bored with our usual....if anyone out there
     has some good ones please post!!!  here's our "usual"...
          Cook corn tortillas in microwave til brownish crisp
          Top with canned ff "refried" beans and ff cheese
          shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, etc.  Serve with
          taco sauce packets saved from last Taco Bell outing.
          Cut ff frech rolls in half, top with ff spaghetti sauce,
          ff cheese and broil til hot (ff cheese burns fast so
          watch it!)  Serve with salad.
          Cook pasta add in frozen mixed vegies just before you drain,
          top w/  ff spaghetti sauce and ff parmesan topping
          topping.  Serve with salad, ff french bread. 
          Construct with ff whole wheat tortillas, canned ff refried beans
          ff cheese, taco sauce.  Serve with salad.