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salad dressing & black bean burrito's

     Hi all!  I make a salad dressing that I have all my friends & family 
     addicted to...  I use dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, lots of crushed 
     dried basil, salt/pepper and very thinly sliced red onion.  I shake 
     this well and let it marinate for a while.  I love this on spinach & 
     redleaf lettuce salads!  
     I've also used this to marinate portabella mushroom slices.  I then 
     grill them, and serve over basmati rice (w/ remaining dressing mixed 
     in!).  This is great served warm or cold.
     Also, I just concocted a black bean burrito recipe which isn't ff yet, 
     but I'd love suggestions:
     drain & rinse canned black beans
     sautee beans w/ chopped onion
     add white wine, tabasco, s&p, or whatever
     once soft, puree thoroughly in cuisinart while still hot
     Place ff flour tortilla's on baking sheet, spread bb mixture in & fold 
     into a burrito.  Ok, get ready, here's the non-ff part: cheddar cheese 
     on top and heat (broil top) until warm.  Serve w/ salsa & sour cream.  
     Someone PLEASE tell me a brand of ff cheese & ff sour cream which 
     isn't repulsive!!!!