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Hospitals: How to get vegan food

I have finally found the secret to getting vegan or VLF vegetarian food
while in a hosiptal.  Ask, then DEMAND, to see an administrator as soon as

Make your dietary requrements known to the administration, then threaten a
law suit if your very simple reqest is not carried out to the letter.

I've been in and out of hospitals about 20 times in the past 3 or so years.
 Being nice gets you NOWHERE when takling with mere staff.  Hospital
administrators are afraid of only one kind of critter: lawyers.  The worse
the attorney, the more frightened of them they become.

Despite my history of coronoary artery diseas (now reversed: thank you
Doctors Ornish and MacDougall) meals containing high levels of blood mud
have been brought to me on a regular basis--all rejected, of couse.

During my last visit I was constantly harassed by bringing me things that
used to have faces.  Turkey, I was informed, was eaten by most vegetarians.
 "Turkey," I informed them, "is NOT a vegetable."  (I'm going to call my
next cook book that.))

It took throwing strips of dead pig and poultry embryos into the hall to
get their attention!

No more Mrs. nice guy here.  The next time I am hospitalized I will DEMAND
to speak with an administrator first thing and GIVE A FIRM TIME LIMIT.  Ten
minutes is more than adequate.  "I want to see an administrator in this
rooom within 10 minutes or in 11 minutes I call an attorney" is what
usually doees the trick.

For the $1,500 to $2,000 a day we are charged for a hospital room, it is
our RIGHT to have  heart-healthy meals brought to our rooms.

CAUTION:  Inform the administrator that you cannot consume sufficient
calories in a single sitting.  You will need healthy foods brought to you
every two to three hours.

You CAN get it if you demand your patient's rights.