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Re:Taco Lentils

I just made the taco lentils recipe as part of the taco salad my daughter
had requested.  It was great!  It really did taste a LOT like taco meat, and
even my extremely picky younger daughter, whose response was "lentils?
yuck..." had to grudgingly admit that it wasn't too bad.  

I was pushed for time and took a couple of shortcuts in the preparation.  I
cooked the lentils with the chiles and onions in the pressure cooker, and
then just stirred in the rest of the ingredients, substituting about 4T.
tomato paste for the tomato sauce.  The texture might have been a bit drier
and more meat-like if I had baked it, but I saved a bit of time and the
results were very satisfactory.

Thanks, Julie, for posting the recipe!