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Re: Buffalo "Non-Wings" ?

Hi Kellie,

I buy a can of Loma Linda "Skallops," which is actually very lowfat seitan
(gluten) made from wheat.  Then I cut them in half so that they're thinner,
then put them in a container with a packet of Shake 'n Bake Hot and Spicy
for Ch*ck*n (this appears to be the only Shake 'n Bake product that is
vegetarian).  I shake it together, pour it into a nonstick roasting pan,
spread things out, and bake at 375 degrees F. for 30 minutes.  My family
just loves this!  I like it either plain or with ff coctail sauce.

BTW, if you miss shr*mp coctails, dice up some of these fake "Skallops" and
mix it with a ff vegetarian coctail sauce.  Refrigerate for an hour, then enjoy!



>Hi everybody --
>It's GREAT to have the list back!
>I'm writing to ask for help... I really love Buffalo wings and Buffalo 
>style "fingers", but don't eat them anymore (obviously, because of the 
>"wing" element)... and I totally miss them. It's not the chicken I 
>miss, though, it's the Buffalo flavoring.
>I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions for (meatless) substitutes 
>for the chicken? I am racking my brain and am coming up with nothing. 
>Buffalo zucchini sticks? (ha)
>I'd appreciate any and all suggestions, no matter how zany they sound. 
>I'll try them out, and if I can come up with a sufficiently low fat 
>method of preparing the Buffalo Non Wings, I'll post the recipe to the 
>Thanks in advance!!!