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Re: Buffalo "Non-Wings" ?

Kellie asked about substitutes for the "wings" in Buffalo wings:

How about seitan or tempeh cut in strips?  I believe you can also buy TVP
strips which you could reconstitute and use, too.  My grocery doesn't carry
them, but I believe I saw them in a catalog -- Dixie maybe?  Mushrooms
might work, too, though differently shaped and maybe messy(ier) to eat.
Portobello mushrooms could be sliced in strips.  Tofu, while higher in fat,
probably would work, too.

I have to confess that I've never had Buffalo wings, since I was already a
vegetarian when I first heard of them (I haven't eaten meat in over 20
years).  Am I guessing right that the sauce is a spicy barbecue-like sauce?
That's what it looks like, anyway.

Debbie in Iowa City