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artichoke hearts

Hi all,

Tamara asked about canned artichoke hearts.  I love them! 
 I do make pizza with them: I spread a spicy thick tomato sauce
 onto the (homemade and not prebaked) crust, then sprinkle with 
nonfat mozerella (healthy choice is best brand, IMO), then 
place sliced artichoke hearts and sliced onions all over.  I bake
this on a stone at about 450-500 F for about 12 min.

I also like to add artichoke hearts to my roasted veggies:
I roast onions, potatos, carrots, garlic (toss with some 
onion soup mix and some balsamic vinegar) in a 450 F
oven for about 30-40 min, then add some of the artichoke hearts and
quartered or cherry tomatos and continue to roast for another
5-10 min.

Artichoke hearts are also a great addition to a tossed salad
or mediataranian-flavored pasta salad.

I usually rinse them really well after draining them, because
they tend to be too salty for my tastes.

I'll watch for other ideas!

Pam D