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Re: Cheeseless Pizza

The other theory I like is as follows:  (1) The restaurant is there to
serve you; and (2) If you don't speak up, nothing's ever going to change.
For example, what restaurant would ever have begun serving a gardenburger
if nobody ever asked for one?


On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Debbie Cowherd wrote:

> At 12:46 PM -0500 2/26/97, Sandra Kidd wrote:
> >but what do others say when in a restaurant and you rhyme off an order
> >made >without this, not too much of that, extra the other, etc.
> When people question my food choices, in a restaurant or anywhere, I
> usually just tell them that that's just the way I like it.  It's pretty
> hard to dispute that, though some people will still try.  If the wait staff
> says anything about my choices, it's usually along the lines of, "are you
> sure?"  And I simply tell them "yes, that's really what I want, thanks."
> They may walk off shaking their head and rolling their eyes, but they do
> understand me most of the time, and I usually get what I want, too.
> I did have one pizza place tell me that their pizza wouldn't taste very
> good without cheese.  I asked to speak to the manager and asked him why the
> guy on the phone would say that.  The manager was appalled and apologized
> profusely.  I ordered the pizza, it was great, and the manager sent
> breadsticks along with it for free.
> Debbie in Iowa City
> dcowherd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx