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Re: wonton wrappers and the fillings

Jenna --- SuBGiRL9 <SuBGiRL9@xxxxxxx> ---- asked if the cups need to be
cooked again after filling:

You should bake those wonton cups till they're brown & ready to eat..stack
them up on a huge serving plate on the dining table... cook all other
filling ingredients and prepare garnishes... place on the dining table
too.. and everyone can filltheir own cups to their liking and just gobble
up!! No cooking required... since you've cooked everything already...it's
all assembling later!

Besides wonton cups, you can also prepare very thin Chinese flour wrappers
(those that are used to make "rolls" or what we call "poh piah")... and do
wraps too!! It's really fun, and my family love it... 
Karen Lim