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Potatoes for Breakfast

If you like potatoes for breakfast but it takes too long, try the

When I am baking something which takes forty minutes or longer I add
several potatoes to the oven and bake them for 40 minutes (medium size
potato). You want them almost done. Then place them in the refrig -- I
have kept them fine for seven days.  For breakfast, peel (optional) and
grate (or cube) the desired number of potatoes, mix with onions (green,
yellow, red, whatever you have) and spices (try garlic, basil, rosemary,
dill, anything you like). Heat pan with vegtable spray, add potato
mixture and cook for a few minutes, spray the top of mixture before
turning the mix in the pan to heat thoroughly. Topped with fresh chives
and served with fresh fruit it is a filling breakfast.  Want to save
even more time in the morning? Grate and season the night before, place
in covered container in the fridge, and just cook in the morning --
important that the potatoes are cold when you grate them otherwise they
turn out a little mushy. Because these potatoes are nearly baked they
take no time at all to prepare on busy mornings. I have not tried this
baking the potatoes in a microwave, which would save energy if you are
not baking anything else, but suspect it would work just fine. Just
remember that the potatoes should be cold before grating them.