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watery tofu

Hi to all:

<<I have tried "mock" egg salad made from tofu a couple of
times. (made by
someone other than me) .  It always seems to be very
watery. >>

This has been true for me also, I will go one step further
than the previous
respondent and suggest an overnight draining.  Use the
yogurt cheese method,
fill a colander with paper towells, add your mashed tofu,
cover with the paper
towells and set it all over a bowl in the fridge overnight.
 The next morning the
towells will be soaked and the tofu much drier and
crumbley.  Its much eggier
to me and makes a great mock egg salad.

I think sometimes the brand of tofu we buy can make a big
difference too.  The
brand I get from the Supermarket always seems much wetter
than the brand
I get from the HFS.  (I almost always get the Extra firm

Jo in Minnesota