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Figs and supper club


I was in our local Harris Teeter and saw the September Martha Stewart 
Magazine and noticed it had an article on Figs!  It might be worth a 
check out. 

Also, taking the cue from Mike R. about finding new friends, I would 
like to propose an idea to those in the RDU-CH hill area, would anyone 
be interested in starting a supper club? Maybe once a month or so?  
Please email me *privately* (feliciakw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) if you are 

Made some AWESOME salsa the other day!  Three jalepenos and four 
serranos!  Caliente!
-tomatoe sauce
-green bell peppers
Dice and mix or drop into food processor.  I cant' wait until our state 
fair this year to buy a gadget I saw last year...the Salsa Master...does 
anyone have one?  Does it really work?  I do not have a full size 
Cuisinart, so it could be a really neat thing to have if it works.  

I re-discovered my Diana Kennedy Mexican Cookbook, WOW, lots of recipes 
that we can eat.  Check it out. 

Does anyone know the low down on Tootsie Rolls?  Are they *totally* 
taboo?  My SO just loves them.  


Durham, NC