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Salad Dressing Packages

Hi there,

I haven't found any salad dressing packages/sachets in my country... and I
have absolutely no idea which importers to contact... so in desperation, an
idea struck me... is it possible to make your own sachets?? I saw a
promotion at our mall for this little gadget that seals plastic bags...
there's a strip of heating coil (??) which you put your plastic bag (with
your food) in between, close it up for a ccouple of seconds... the heat
melts the plastic a little, and then seals up the bag... some of these
gadgets came with a an air-extracter... which you can literally suck out
all the air in the bag so the food stays fresher and keeps longer... So,
you could cut small pieces of plastic, and then create your little sachets,
pour 2 T of dressing into each sachet and seal it up!  All you need to do
would be to carry a pocket scissors/knife to cut the sachet when you need
the drressing!

Has anyone tried this before?? Please give your views... I might just pick
up the gadget soon!!! 


Karen Lim