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lots of questions...


Two questions - 
1.  How much nutritional yeast do you put in with rice?  Briefly, what were
some of the other uses (I couldn't get it when all the talk about it was on,
and have finally found it)
2.  I saw some WHOLEWHEAT in the bulk bins at the supermarket today - how do
you use it?  It looks alot like pearl barley and buckwheat groats - would I be
right in using it the same way?
3.  Sorry, just remembered the third... I have been invited to a dessert
evening for a friend's birthday  in  a week or 2.  It is not a really close
friend so she has not been exposed to my eating habits and I see no reason to
go into it with her but I am planning to definately go...  so what I thought is
that I would phone her up the day before and see if she knows what anyone is
taking (it is pot luck) and if no body is taking a fruit salad I willl take
that (so there is definately something for me - and who would think it weird
that I love fruit salad alot?! - but if someone already is I thought I would
try my hand at a vlf choc mousse or similar.  I thought about trying our a
weight watchers sachet one but looked at them today and they are something like
2.4g fat for 64kcal which is quite high... and expensive.  So I thought I would
ask you guys if you have made mousse or.....? with yoghurt maybe or evaporated
milk (skim) or ....?  I am not vegan so gelatine is ok.  Feel free to mail me
4.  Ok, I can't count.  These chickpea munchies - I seem to recall that
chickpeas while lf are very calorific?  Anyone know?

Thanks guys,