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Marinara Sauce

Marinara sauce, when produced in restaurants and in some bottled sauces, may 
include fish paste.  Always state that you do not eat any fish products when 
ordering at a restaurant.  A lawsuit in, I believe, California was brought by a 
restaurant patron against an establishment when he found,  after several 
months, that the marinara sauce he had been assured was animal-free, had fish 
paste as an ingredient.  Don't know the outcome of the case; the patron wanted 
the sum of all of the meals he had purchased there returned to him in full.
Secondly, the theory as to the name of the quick-cooking sauce has lots of 
origins, one not mentioned here so far:  The wives of sailors would used this 
sauce when they were busy being unfaithful rather than cooking for their 
husbands.  Story has it that the easily and quickly prepared sauce rescued many 
a sailor's wife from trouble.