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intro and snacking question

hi all,

i just joined this list and i'm so glad i found it.  i've been following
the dr. ornish plan for about 3 weeks and doing well with it.  there are a
few kinks that need working out though.  

i can't seem to find healthy things to snack on that will keep well and
transport well.  i also love having a bagel for breakfast but can't seem to
find anything to put on it, i tried jelly but didn't really like it.  

i've also found that being a low fat vegetarian is so alarming to many
people i know.  you'd think i decided to attack them or something.  all of
a sudden their defending meat and otherwise defending their diet when all
i've said is "no thank you, i don't eat meat".  my boyfriend also has
reacted badly to it but wants to follow the plan as well, talk about inner
turmoil.  he's known to many people who are vegetarians that wanted to
persuade him to be one.   he's working on it and i've explained that he can
eat meat as much as he wants but that i'm not going to eat it or cook it
for him.  anyone else with an uncooperative spouse?

well i look forward to all the wonderful recipes and conversations.

shelley e
the ever confused one