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Fat in Mustard???

Jess writes:

>Don't like to burst bubbles, but this recipe calls for a significant amount
>of mustard, which is high in fat.  I don't have the stats to hand, but
>mustard is something which should be used very lightly if you want to keep
>your fat intake down.

What kind of mustard are you eating?  Surprised by your statement I ran in
and checked the labels of the mustards I have on hand.  The "Grey Poupon"
(dijon mustard) had "0" fat listed on the jar, same for "Frenches" and same
for mustard powder.  In fact, the only thing listed which could be called
"high" was the sodium... 120 mg. for the Grey Poupon, and 80 for the

What kind of mustard are you eating?

P.S. reading further into the FF digest I see some stats which give mustard
some fat ratings.  Is there a difference from state to state, or region, as
to how much fat is in mustard?

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