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Boca Curgers

Sherron askked about Boca Burgers.  I adore the vegan fat-free burgers
they make.  Will you ever see them in the run-of-the-mill grocery outlet
like Ralphs, Vons, etc?  Not unless Boca can come up with the incredible
amount of cash that it takes to BUY their way into mainline stores.

It's a filthy little game called "buying your way onto the shelf."

You might contact a place that handles whole foods, or Boca themeslves,
and ask if you can purchase them via FedEx or another overnight company.

I live in the Dallas area and have "only" a 60 mile round-trip to my
local Whole Foods store where  I can buy mine.  It's a stinking shame
that most grocery stores today will  not put a product into their stores
without graft being paid ahead of time.

It ought to be illegal but...