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FF Mail-order Stuff in UK??

OK, second instalment of me...if I put everything in the one post the
Subject line would be too long to read!

*Mail Order*

There's been discussion of Dixie's mail-order products. Does anyone
know if there's anything similar available in the UK? I have just
found out that I will actually get a grant for my next year of study
(we've been on a very low income the past year, so haven't even been
able to *think* about buying food other than the very
cheapest...own-brand baked beans, the cheapest bread, only seasonal
vegetables, absolutely nothing pre-made...all this cooking would be
fine if we weren't both working full-time...)

Anyway, I digress. The point was that now I can afford these mixes and
convenience foods, if only I knew where to buy them! I am vegan BTW,
for moral reasons, hence things like honey are out. There *is* a
wonderful wholefood shop here in Oxford (Uhuru Wholefoods) but while
it sells vegan burger mixes, cheese etc, they aren't low fat.


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