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Home-made Burgers

Hello all...I'm very behind on my digests due to having been on holiday
;-) I also have a new computer setup - with an Amiga 1200 at home I
can now actually take time to write emails then take them into work on
a floppy and send them. The last digest I read was 172 and I have quite
a good list of recipes I want to try - thank you all!

Just a few things I wanted to respond to - sorry if I repeat stuff
that anyone's said since digest 172, but I didn't want to get any more
out of date by waiting until I'd had a chance to catch up and find out!
If anyone wants to follow up on anything I say in the next few weeks
or so, please cc your post to me direct as otherwise I won't get to
see it for a while...

*Home-made Burgers*

Anne Cox wrote in digest 171 about wanting a burger recipe that tastes
good, stays firm and is good reheated and cold. I do have a TVP meat
loaf recipe that I got from the Vegfood mailing list - I'll try and
find time to type it in this evening. 

But I had a thought about millet - when you cook it so it's slightly
overcooked it becomes quite sticky. I've made meatloaves with it that
hold together well and even firm up a bit more when cold. Millet
tastes nice too. Maybe this would be a good thing to experiment with.
You could add stuff like sauteed mushrooms, garlic and onions;
nutritional yeast; tomato ketchup ;-) etc. I don't know if it would
still have the stickiness if you toasted it before cooking as I've
seen mentioned on this list - I've never tried it. 


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