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starving college veggie

hi! my name is oriana and i've been lurking on this mailing list for a few
months and i love it!! this will be my first contribution, actually it's more
of a question.  i'm starting college in a few weeks at rutgers university.
 i've been a vlf veggie since january and i love it; but i've grown
accostomed to my local health food store, as well as my own mix master and
stove.  needless to say, i won't have these creature comforts in my dorm
room.  so, i'm wondering if anyone from new brunswick of piscataway, nj can
reccomend good places to shop or eat out (cheaply, if possable) in the area.
 also, if anyone has any tips in general for surviving college as a
vegetarian, not to mention how to not gain the dreaded "freshman 15."  i love
this newsletter and would appreciate any and all suggestions.  (you can
e-mail me privately if you'd like)