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"Flexible" fffast free dining

 I'd like to come to the defense of Mike <podtrst@xxxxxxxxxxxx> who 
may sound "inflexible" to those who do not have cardiovascular 
disease, but who is doing what is necessary to stay alive and 

Dean Ornish, M.D., has found in his considerable research and 
clinical experience that those who are trying to reverse heart 
disease should keep fat limited to 10 percent of total calories, 
while those who do not have multiple risk factors and who are 
just trying to prevent heart disease, can consume 20 percent of 
their calories from fat. Other research has clearly shown that for
those of us who have arteries blocked with plaque, a single high 
fat meal can be fatal. Being "flexible" can lead to the very 
inflexible state of rigor mortis!  

As far as alienating one's friends or causing them diiscomfort in
eating places, I'd suggest that was more a function of personal 
style. I keep very strictly to my VLF vegan diet, but eat out at 
least twice a week, often with SAD friends. I explain my needs and
if the meal doesn't live up to the server's promises, I send it 
back for something else. I seldom am asked to pay for a meal I can't
eat, though I find "low fat" to some chefs equals my annual fat 
intake. Perhaps it stretches the truth a bit, but I learned this 
from one of my support group participants: I now tell the server
(and manager if available) that even the smallest amount of added 
oil or fat will cause me to projectile vomit - a phenomenon most 
restaurants would prefer to avoid.  

Thanks to all of you who post those great VLF recipes, especially 
the vegan ones. And thanks to Michelle Dick for making this forum
available. It's made a very positive difference in my life. 

Aloha pumehana mai Hawai'i nei. (Warm aloha from Hawaii)
Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM