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Dining with SAD friends

I have been dining out a lot lately with SAD friends and out-of-town
visitors.  We try to go to "ethnic" restaurants, where there is usually one
or two items which will suit my eating pattern, they usually eat m#@t though.

Deciding on a restaurant usually involves a great deal of discussion, but I
only object to a place if I know that there won't be anything suitable for
me....I'm not willing to compromise my health for other people's
convenience.  That said, I won't complain if there is only one choice for
me.  As others have already said, it's less important to me than it used to
be, as long as I'm not hungry and don't get sick from what I eat in a
restaurant, I don't complain.  

Wherever possible, I do try to steer the group to a favourite place which
has more healthy choices!

One thing bugs me about paying the bill.  My meal is ALWAYS less money than
the other people's but universally people suggest splitting the bill
equally.  I don't want to sound cheap, but I do resent subsidizing people
who are essentially harming themselves, not to mention the impact on the
environment of their eating habits.

Just my $.02.

Shelley Shusterman              If the price of education 
Ottawa, Canada                  is too high, then what is 
sshuster@xxxxxxxxxxxx           the price of ignorance?