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Creme It!

After what seemed like weeks (guess we were pretty eager to get it), my wife
and I finally received our Dixie catalogue. One of the things that really
interested me was "Creme It!", and I want to try it.  Since we've never used
it before, we thought it would be good to start with the 8 ounce resealable
package, and then if we if we like it, we'll go ahead and get the 2-poulnd

I ran into a problem when I went to order it though.The 8-ounce size is only
$3.99, which isn't a  bad price, considering it's equal to 8 1/2 boxes of
tofu. Unfortunately, the shipping for orders up to $20 is $4.99. So it would
actually cost us more to have the Creme It! shipped to us than buying the
product itself (($3.99 versus $4.99). Any suggestions?Thanks,

Shawn Lovley