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another warning

Gosh, I feel like I've just been offering bad news lately.  I'll try to 
redeem myself with a yummy recipe sometime soon...anyway, here's the 

Bev wrote: (about Garden Vegan Burgers)

"The ingredients are water, brown rice, vital wheat gluten, bulgur 
wheat, onions, mushrooms,  natural spices (sure hope that's not hidden 
MSG)autolyzed yeast, OLIVE OIL, carageenan, seas salt, vegetable color."

Now, I'm not sure about the natural spices, but I recently heard that 
autolyzed yeast is 'code' for MSG.  I'm not sure if this is always the 
case, but it might be worth looking into if that is something that 
concerns you.  I know that there are some other things as well that 
really mean MSG -- maybe you could get a list somewhere off the 'net.

Sorry to rain on the parade again!  Keep up the great posts!