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Asian Vege food finds!

You are really missing out if you have not travelled to your local Asian
food store. Mine here in NJ has over 12 ft. of freezer space dedicated
to vegetarian frozen goods alone. You can spend hours looking through
the sauces and fresh goods as well. Suprisingly, not that many foods are
fried and alot of vegetables and soy are the main ingredients. Look at
my new finds:
Vegetarian intestines (I couldn't beleive this one-who eats regular
intestines?) *did not buy*
Vegetarian kidneys (no, not kidney beans either) *did not buy*

What I *did* buy:
Veggie dumplings (good to steam and dip)
Egg free Sweet and sour ribs
Vege Mini Dogs
Vegetarian Steak
Vegie Gluten Pattie- instant
Instant Soybean Drink (1.5 g. fat each)

Also bought some other higher fat goodies for experimenting in small
Try em out.
Michael from New Joisey