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Just wanted to everyone how much I appreciate this list.  Apart from the
great recipes, it's also a positive reminder to eat creatively and
thoughtfully!  I wasn't blessed with great genetics in the heart disease
category.  My cholesterol easily hits 280-300 unless I behave, which is
a concern for a 36-year old woman.  Packing in the fiber, very few flour
products, and no animal products seems to be the only thing that works.

Also a thought on how to eat at a friend's house...if it's socially
acceptable, do ask to bring something.  You might even probe a little to
see what the menu is so you can bring something that meshes well.  Then
rave about what you are going to bring "I've got a great X that would go
great with Z, would you like me to make it?" or "Would you like me to
bring the appetizers so you can concentrate on your main dish?"  Phrase
it very positively.  Don't mention that it's fatfree, vegan, or full of
fiber.  Just make yours compatible with the host/hostess, praise the
meal (even if you just comment on presentation because you can't eat the
main dish), and you'll be fine most of the time.  In other words, be a
good guest.  Obviously this won't work for more formal meals, but I just
count on filling up before those and munch on what I can.