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Re: veg jello sub

For those (like me) that found it convenient to use the
jello mixes in little boxes :-) Hain makes several veggie 
fruit jello mixes (in little bags) that you just make
up like jello.  I think it even has a jigglers recipe :-)
(follow directions carefully and really whisk it well, 
though, or you'll end up with little globs at the bottom).
A big plus BTW to agar based products, is that it doesn't
melt at room temperature.

I also saw directions on my packet of Pomona's pectin (that I use for 
jam), on how to use it to as a gelatin sub.  Pectin seems available
pretty easily (at least around here), so it might be worth a try.
I haven't used it myself for that so no idea how well it works.

Aiko Pinkoski