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Nutritional Yeast

Hello,I too have been trying to find out about nutritional yeast as I
have failed to be able to find it here in the UK.I have been given 
information of a firm with a site at
  However the description there does not appear to be what I've read 
about on this list
"Nickers' Yeast is naturally sweet and delicious and easy to digest.
Serving suggestion:Add a tablespoon to your morning juice or cereal.....
Delicious roasted-nut flavour enhances ..salad,veggie-burgers and 
yogurt.Use as a condiment in your favourite dips,sauces dressings etc"
Does anyone know anything about this product please?I was under the 
impression that it would give a cheesy flavour but I don't want to waste 
my money if this is something entirely different.