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Re: Red Bean Soup beans

>From: "Karen Lim" <bem40147@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Red Bean Soup
>>> From: richjulia@xxxxxxxxxxx (Richard and Julia Padget)
>> Subject: Red Bean Soup
>> To Karen Lim who contributed the red bean soup recipe.
>> Are the red beans you are talking about adzuki beans?
>Well, I don't know if "Adzuki Beans" are similar to the "red beans" I use,
>but you definitely do NOT use those "red beans" that are the size of kidney
>beans... the red beans used in  this dessert are rather small, about 3 to 4
>mm in diameter. Hope that helped.

These definitely sound like adzuki/azuki/aduki beans.


Shari Clayton Brownlee