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Boca vs Healthy Burger

There have been so many postings about Boca Burgers lately
that, when I saw them in our local Boney's store (a local family-run
business in North San Diego County) I bought a carton of them without
reading the label.   I had misunderstood previous postings and thought
these were vegan but when I got home and read the label, I found
that  Mozzarrella cheese is listed on the label.  I started the McDougall
program a week ago and am not following the  vegan diet for ethical 
reasons, and since the cheese is pretty far down the ingredient list,
I went ahead and had a Boca Burger for dinner, without any bread.  
It was okay, but I didn't  like it enough to buy another box even
if there is a vegan variety out there.

I also bought a carton of supposedly "fatfree" "Healthyburgers" 
put out by Knox Mountain. According to the label this product contains 
vital wheat gluten, fresh ground wheat Berries, Shitake mushrooms, 
nutritional yeast, herbs and spices, and tamari.  The label also says
they have 83 calories each and 0.4 grams of fat, yet the label says there
are 12 
calories from fat (can anyone explain how they came up with that

 I actually liked the flavor of the "Healthyburger" better than the Boca
The Healthyburger had less of a fake "meaty taste" - I was
lacto-vegetarian for a year before going on McDougall and don't miss the
taste of meat at all.  The texture
of the Healthyburger was a bit spongy, though, which makes sense since it
is made from gluten.  I may buy this brand again though it is pretty
(over $4 for a pack of four).  Still, homemade bean burgers or burgers
from pulverized seven-grain mix (I think there's a recipe for this on the
site) are much better IMHO.