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Dixie Diner's Club

Okay, now it's my turn =)
Just got a catalog from DDC, and am wondering what is good & what is not.
Has anyone used the Beef (Not!) &/or Chicken (Not!), and what did you think??
Has anyone tried those dinner "kits", like the spaghetti, meat (Not!) loaf,
pizza, etc..??
Also, I'm wondering about the "Mrs. Malibu's  95% FF Peanut Better", Elegant
Rice Pudding, and the
DDC Homemade Rich & Thick LF Brownie mix. 
I would love it if any of you could let me know which products you've tried
with success, & which you've tried and just hated.
I am anxious to place an order & actually get some things that I really like! 
Thanks a lot!!