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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #170

>Has anyone had any luck doing McDougall part-time?  Here is my
>problem:  I feel that his way of eating is great, but it is a bit 
>too stringent for me. (BTW, I read the book.  But I want to know if 
>there are any "real people" with success on a part-time McD 
>program.)  I miss comfort foods like tortillas and pasta.  However, 
>I have about 25lbs to lose.  So I really want to make an effort.  I 
>was thinking of doing it all week, but giving myself one lunch and 
>one dinner on the weekend to "splurge" on non-McD items (I'm not 
>talking fetuccini alfredo here, but a low-fat quesadilla). Can 
>anyone offer any advice?

I have been on the McDougall "diet" for about a week now, so I am 
still pretty green, but my attitude is similar to yours.  I initially 
read the Maximum Weight Loss and kind of freaked out with the 
strictness of it, though I really was interested in much of what he 
said.  So, I started reading the 12-day plan, and am finding 
that it provides me just enough extra leniacy to remain satisfied 
(i.e., whole grain breads, whole grain pastas, and more fruits)....I 
also "sneak" in a little skim milk every morning for my cereal.  I 
have about 15 pounds that I want to lose, and thus far, I have lost 
about 3....I figure in a week that's pretty good!  So, that's where I 
am at.

I am not an expert, but as McDougall says, it is important to not 
starve yourself, or put yourself in a position where you are 
"denying" yourself food in order to lose weight because this will 
just leave you unsatiated and more willing to go off of the diet for 
a worse binge than a tortilla or pasta.  I can't imagine that adding 
a whole wheat tortilla, or whole wheat (or spinich or tomato) pasta 
to your diet every now and then is not going to hurt.  But, that's my 
opinion, and I am just feeling quite happy after a successful 
week! ; )