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pressed tofu

I have successfully grilled tofu also.  I buy Mori Nu Lite boxed extrafirm tofu,
slice it into 3/4 inch or so slabs, then press it for about 4-5 hours.  This
really makes it firm and it can stand up well to grilling.  The other
alternative is to freezed the tofu.  This gives it a "meaty" consistancy.  I
freeze it right in the box, although the instructions say not to freeze it.  It
works great!
   I also have to say that I love Boca Burgers, but I also think Morningstar
Farms products  and Garden Burgers are terrific.  I buy the fatfree versions and
they are great.  I like the southwest burgers that Morningstar Farms makes.  I
also think they make a great "sausage" link, but like most of the people on this
list, I eat them infrequently.  However, they  come in quite handy when having a
weekend brunch for SAD eaters.   I think everyone should remember too, that just
about everything has some fat in it.  That includes fruit, veges, grains and
                                                   Thanks for letting me express
my opinion!  Karen