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Re: Beano with penicillin allergy

I wrote:
> >Just a reminder that Beano should NOT be used by people who are<
> >allergic to penicillin!
>                                                                     <
>and Priscilla replied:
> Why is this?  I've never heard that, and I have a very strong allergy to
> penicillin but I have used Beano many times.  What am I doing to myself?  By
> the way I NEED that Beano!!!
If the fine print on the Beano bottle doesn't say that it shouldn't be
used by people who are allergic to penicillin, then maybe I'm wrong.
I have seen this posted many times, and because (1) I'm allergic to
penicillin, and (2) I don't have problems with beans, I've never investigated.