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Feijoida questions

>   we brought a "mini-feijoida" to a semi-SAD potluck (ironically, the hosts
> made chicken even though they are normally veg, since the didn't want to
> offend anyone) and it was a big hit.  the mini-feijoida was siimply a
> black bean spicy stew,  steamed shredded collard w/onion, and brown rice
>  arranged in a large lasagna type pan (but not in layers, side by side),
> garnished with hot salsa and cut up orange.  when we host dinner parties we
> often make a more elaborate version of the same, adding pickled  onions
> (onion, lemon, hot pepper)  and veggie sausage.  that with a salad is
> a nice meal.   

Susan asked: What exactly is a feijoida, and how do you eat it?  Scoop a
little of 
everything onto your plate?

    Feijoida is a Brazilian national dish. It usually features
    various animal parts sometimes known as "variety meats."
    Scooping a little of everythng on your plate is exactly how you eat
    it! It's usually a buffet item with a number of dishes--i just smushed
    the main ones together to keep the idea intact.  at a buffet people 
    can put what they want on the plate and salsa it as they wish. The moral
    equivalent of a taco bar!

Jacquie asked: Could the person who mentioned taking mini-feijoida to SAD
dinner parties please explain what that means

    Standard American Diet (SAD) 

and explain in more detail what goes into
it?  What does the spicy black bean stew consist of?  For the bigger
version you make at home, how do you pickle the onions?  What other
garnishes are used?  How do you eat this?  All mushed up or in little
piles?  It really sounds good, but I've never heard of it.

    The McDougall Health Supporting Cookbook Volume II (the Pink One!) has 
    a full Feijoida recipe on pages 76-78.  I'm sorry that i don't have time
    to copy them over.  They may (or something similar) may be in the
    I don't follow recipes too exactly anyway.  This past time i cheated and
    used canned beans!  But basically make black beans and add things like
    chopped onion, garlic, a bay leaf and chopped tomatoes (i used canned)
    something like red peppers or jalapenos to make it hot. i just saute
    (sliced thin) till limp, add lemon juice, tabasco and chill.  it's really
    a pretty fool proof.  if you can get blood oranges as a garnish it's 
    special looking.  I don't know of any other garnishes besides the salsa,
     and oranges.  If your guests aren't spice lovers it might be nice to
tone down the beans and have both hot and mild salsa, perhaps a bottle of
tabasco.  Maybe chopped pepper (red, green, yellow would be pretty) would be

bon appetit!   (or whatever the Portuguese equivalent is)   Joanna in DC