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Fatfree Mailing List Recipes

Janine wrote:
> Home Made Cook Book...
> The idea of starting the fat free digest cook book is great . (sure it's
> been discussed a million times by the "old timers" on this list!)  I've been
> copying my favorite recipes everyday into a couple of WP files...one day
> I'll get around to printing it!

Folks interested in making a printed version of the fatfree mailing
list recipes should keep in mind that the recipe collection is
copyrighted.  Individual recipes aren't covered by copyright,
excepting any introductory comments with the recipe and the exact
wording of the instructions.  In which case, this copyright resides
with the person who wrote them (usually a poster to the list).  I hold
a collection copyright on the set of recipes as a whole.  Note that
while copyright of individual recipes is weak (because copyright
doesn't cover ingredients or techniques, only expression), the
collection copyright is stronger.

Basically, this means that if you wish to publish an individual recipe
you should get permission from the writer of that recipe (start by
asking the poster if they wrote the recipe and if they would mind if
you published it).  If you rewrite the recipe in your own words, you
don't need this permission, but it is considered nice to ask
anyway. To publish a collection of recipes from this list, you also
need permission from me, the holder of the collection copyright for
this mailing list.

You may, however, use the recipes any way you wish for your personal
private use.

There is the possibility of my printing and selling a cookbook based
on this list -- though since I am a stickler for respecting the rights
of others, I would contact each recipe poster for permission -- and
using the proceeds to help pay for the list and website.

Other tentative plans are to offer a recipes-only mailing that
consists of just recipes posted to this list.  This would be available
to those who help support the list with donations.  The website and
main mailing list would remain available for free.  My hope is that
the list and website (which gets over 18,000 hits a day and is nearing
limits which will cause me to incur additional charges) can become
self-supporting yet still have the information all available in some
free format.

Contact me privately if you have questions or concerns about any of
this.  Thanks!  And happy eating!

Michelle Dick              artemis@xxxxxxxxxxx            East Palo Alto, CA
                 Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List 
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