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Re: Honey replacement, et al

>Does anyone know if there's a standard replacement for honey (like corn
>syrup?) in baking recipes (like the bread recipe I just submitted)?

In bread, at least, you can usually get away with substituting an equal
amount of another natural sweetner, or an equivilent amount of a artifical
one.  If you are using a dry sweetner,  you will need to add an equal
amount of water, or a little less, to keep the bread right.  I usually just
substitute maple syrup for any sweetner in a recipie.

Two more quick things.  The first is that  TJ Maxx/Marshalls usually has
some decent "Balsamic Vineger" at a good price.  The second is that for
potlucks, I have had luck with vegitarian sushi.  It has been a big hit,
and is extremely easy to make.  I am able to do it in less than an hour.

BTW, it is good to have the list back.  I have just caught up on about 1
month of posts over the weekend.  I myself have not been as good as I want
to be over the past year, and the list will help get back in the fold.
Thanks to all for all the wonder ful recipies.  The resturant stories
reminided me of a thing I would do back when I was in school, and the only
almost decent place to eat was the Black Eye Pea, a chain of  "Home
Cooking" restaurants.  I would order the grilled chicken salad without the
chicken or the cheese, and honey mustad on the side.  They would always ask
why I didn't order the garden salad(which was, in fact, a sad imitation of
a saled), and I would say because I didn't want to.  I would then get the
salad I wanted, and maybe even a $1 off the price.  If I went there with
one partiical freind, he would think I was really insane, but i did get a
good meal out of it.


"I often say that when you can measure what you are speacking about, and
express it in numbers, you know something about it"
-Lord Kelvin