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sea veggies/digesting beans

Michelle Morely wants cookbooks about sea vegetables.  Michelle, look for a
macrobiotic cookbook, macro uses a lot os sea vegetables.

On Digesting Beans.
Please don't add bicarb to beans, it destroys some of the good nutrients.
And instead of the beano tablets, how about usint the liquid, it is less
expensive, too, I think.  Other suggestions,  while cooking add a chunk of
sea weed, I forget the name of the one I use, but it a big, lumpy one, not
nori sheets and not the little flaky stuff.  Use about 1 inch or more for
each cup of dried beans.  Another digestive aid is ginger.  Add a chunk of
ginger rot to a pot of beans, If you are making soup or chile, the flavor
won't interfer at all.(I still offer my beloved spouse a Beano appetizer

And for Leanne, who "has gone past steamed veggies". I have actually gone
the opposite route, the longer I am veggie, the more I want plain, simple
foods and less  sauces and fancy foods I crave.  That said, how about
"cream" of asparagus souip?  My basic cream soup recips can go for
anything, sorry about the lack of measurements:

one or two potatoes
1 - 2 pounds or more of green vegetables (borccoli, green beans, asparagus,
or a mixture)
water to simmer it all in.

When all is quite tender, put though blender or food processor til all is
very smooth, adding mow fat soy milk or skim dairy milk as needed for
desired consistency.  Season with veggie broth powder or saltw and white
pepper.  Heat and serve.

asparagus is also god in stir fries (stir steams) and in pasta, add some
fancy dried mushrooms and such, yum.

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Expecting the world to treat you
fairly because you are a good person
is a little like expecting the bull not
to attack you because you are a vegetaria         --Dennis Wholey