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Soy Milk and peanut butter

There have been a number of posts lately on Soy milk. Since I am
lactose intolerant, that is what I use. I don't make my own, since
I don't think it is possible to make your own soy milk, low or FF. 

I buy Pacific Fat Free Non-dairy soy beverage from Pacific Foods of
Oregon, Inc. Tualatin, OR 97062, USA. It is made from organically
grown soy beans. It is slightly sweeter than regular milk, and frankly
tastes better to me than regular milk. It does not taste beany at all.

It is fortified with calcium and vit A. I use it for anything I would
use milk for. I think it is delicious. It lasts much longer than regular
milk, and does not need to be refrigerated until you open it. Be sure
to shake it prior to using it, as the soy solids can settle. It has no
fat in it at all, but they make some kinds that do.

On peanut butter:

I have read of several posts on pb. I am afraid that for those of us
who follow a VLF diet, pb is and will still be off the line, until
further notice. Peanuts contain a very large amount of fat unfortunately,
and there is presently no process available that will remove enough of
it to make it edible. I think the world will be at your feet if you 
could find a way to make good pb FF. I know the food industry is
trying very hard, but has not come up with a way to do it yet.

For pb addicts as I am, I just don't eat it at all. I can't stop
once I start, so I don't start. Even low-fat pb, so called, is
very, very high in fat. Sorry to all you pb lovers...

Mike Rosenblatt