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Whipped Egg White Replacer..still looking

<<Katja mentioned that Ener-G egg replacer fluffs up well when
beaten for awhile.  I haven't had the same results.>> ... <<one of the few
things I really miss is angel food cake, which I haven't been able to
make successfully with egg replacer.  Any suggestions?>>

Amy, I used warm water, mixed it with a mini-whisk in a small container
first so it was dissolved and liquidy like an egg white .. and then used a
stand mixer so I don't know how long it whipped for (probably 5-ish
minutes, no more than 10).  I also added cream of tartar (probably
needlessly, now that I think about it) and sugar (was experimenting with
making meringue cookies with it) and it was full and stiff enough to pipe
from a pastry bag.  I did NOT like the taste, however, so I won't be making
angel food cake (or meringues again) with it, but could (oh, bit of agar
agar or carageenan would make it stiffer, I'll bet).  I'm not motivated to
accept the taste because I'm not vegan but it may be acceptable to you.  If
you don't find an alternative, you may want to try it again.  It's only a
few tablespoons to experiment ;).

I will be looking forward any responses about whipped egg white replacers
for meringues and angel food cake  (hmmm... wonder about the flax seed idea
...).   Please post if you get any ideas sent privately.  I am very
interested in this, for some reason (okay okay .. I love to play with
pastry bags!  LOL).