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low fat in TO

Sandra said:
>I haven't been there, but there is a store at Bathurst and Eglinton called "Sin
>Without Guilt", which sells a lot of low fat and fat free products.

'Sins' is a small but well-stocked store for things low-fat... much of it
seems to be 'unusual American goodies' that can't be found in grocery
stores.  I try my best to get there once a week for my free'ze fix; a
non-fat frozen yogurt treat in the best flavours like English toffee,
Tootsie Roll, and Prailines and cream.  Well worth a visit!!
(POI: the ff muffins there are delicious too.)
Another place for ff veggie groceries is 'Alternatives' in Oakville.  It's a
real schlep out there, but it's a huge store of, again, things out of the

Happy and healthy shopping to those in T.O..

Registered Osteopath