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Converting Grannies

Hi Everyone,

I tried to send this yesterday but must have messed up 'cause I didn't
see this appear on the digest.  I'm another one of those lurkers, pretty
busy so I won't have too much time to contribute, but even in 3 weeks on
the list have found the best recipes, advice and support here
imaginable. I'm trying to avoid emergency surgery on a fibroid by
shrinking it through a low fat vegan diet..here's hoping! Thanks for
everything I've learned so far, and in anticipation too....


Leah was talking about Ragu Sauce, and mentioned in passing that it
contained "natural vegetable flavorings".  I know this isn't a health or
nutrition place, but I just wanted to point out that this is a pseudonym
for MSG (lots of information on the net about these, email me if you'd
like to be directed to them)...for those of you who didn't know..I hope
you watch out for it. I've seen "vegetable stock" mentioned a lot on
this list, and even the ones that say "No MSG" on the pack are generally
full of it, disguised as the above or "hydrolysed vegetable protein".
Watch out! (I hope that wasn't breaking the list rules)

Sarah said she's trying to "convert" her grandparents.  I've recently
had a fair bit of success with my parents in law, who are in their late
60's. I thought I'd list a few of their favorite dishes.... I hope it
gives you some ideas...

They make a few different varieties of vegtable loaves.  Some times with
just grated vegetables and breadcrumbs, other times with lentils etc.
(there are tonnes of recipes for these around, but I reckon they're
pretty easy to invent).  Then they have that with a nice onion or
mushroom gravy, mashed potato (minus the butter/milk of course!) and the
standard, old fashioned "3 veg".

Another thing they like is roasted potatoes with a salad.  My favorite
recipe is from the McDougall Cook book....I've wanted to share this
since I joined this list because I make it 2 or 3 times a week. I
noticed more roasted potato recipes on the list today! Tarragon,
Paprika, a little Mustard (grainy) and crushed garlic mixed up, then
chunks of raw potatoes rolled around in it in a bowl until coated, then
baked. Yum...not dry..who misses the oil?  

Perhaps another old fashioned easy, plain thing for them would just be
soup?  I made the Curried Zucchini Soup that someone posted a couple of
weeks ago..it was yummy (thanks), then I made it again with different
vegetables and no curry..also yummy.  Any collection of vegetables
(including a couple of potatoes and onion and maybe garlic) boiled til
cooked then pureed in a blender will taste creamy and satisfying.  They
won't know it doesn't have any milk.  Add a fresh bread roll..

I hope these help...not overly exciting I know, but seems to keep our
folks happy...plain and "standard". Just can't get them excited about
dhal or hommous...but I'll keep trying!

I have a request myself about millet..I've tried making it but even
after a lot of cooking it still seems to stay crunchy..I've been told
it's "good for me"...does anyone have any hints for making it?

Thanks,  Janine