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Low Fat in Toronto

<<Does anyone know if there is a Trader Joe's in Buffalo, N.Y.?   What are
some of the other places to buy LF   FF   food  down  there?   Thanks
for any suggestions.

Lor in Toronto

I don't know if there is a Trader Joe's in Buffalo, but there are some in New York
State for sure.  If you go to the web site, I think it is "www.traderjoes.com" or
something very similar, there is a pretty neat page that gives you a list of all
their products and a list of all their locations.  I think you can even input where
you are (or want to go) and it will tell you the closest location.  

I haven't been there, but there is a store at Bathurst and Eglinton called "Sin
Without Guilt", which sells a lot of low fat and fat free products.  My nutritionist
(that sound so pretentious) has featured it on CityTV on that Marilyn Dennis
show...Cityline?  Supposedly they sell all kinds of pastries, sans fat.  The
showed low-fat baklava if you can believe it.  They are also opening a store in
May in Yorkville.  Keep your eyes open.

Sandra in Toronto too